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Monday, September 22, 2008

Technical rebound

The world market rebounded strongly on Friday, thanks to the concerted effort by the six central banks and the U.S. government on the bailing out of AIG, the largest insurer, and the market responded strongly. However, that may not be the end of the U.S. financial crisis yet, as how many more big trouble case are there is still to be uncovered. For the DJIA, It is just a technical rebound for the time being, and back to its sideway consolidation zone of 11,000 - 11,800. It need to be able to break above the 12,000 mark before any meaningful trend change and bull run can take place.
As for the KLCI, the index has tested its downside targets and rebounded from the lower trend channel support strongly, forming a long lower shadow doji star reversal pattern. This reversal pattern was confirm on Friday by a bullish candlestick. The bullishness may continue, however, the overhead resistance will be seen at the 1038, 1050 and the 1070 levels.

Technically, this is just a technical rebound which could be shortlive, and maybe view as a good opportunity to get out. The down trend of the KLCI has not change until the CI can work its way to break above 1100 level.

As it was mentioned before, there are always opportunities during a crisis. Those who have followed the market closely and understood the market signals of smart-money accumulation would have made some quick profit on many counters.

Anyway, trade carefully with your stop loss always in place, you'll be alright. In trading, it is not how much one can make per trade, it is how consistent and how long you can last in the game that counts.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

On track

One month ago on 20th Aug'08 I posted the chart (on the left) and the possible target of KLCI, and I mentioned that "Based on the chart pattern formation and the projection, a likely bottom may be around the 1014 to 990 level, which is actually not that far away now. A major panic that cause by the success of the Anwar's 916 plan can easily push the index down by few tens of points." Today, on the 17092008, Anwar's plan has not materialized, however, KLCI already move on track to its target level.

KLCI closed at 1002.99 dragged down by banking and plantation stocks. It is now on the verge of breaking the 1000 mark, a major psychological support level. Based on the trend channel projection and the horizontal support level, the KLCI may continue to head towards the downside target of 980, 970 and 950.

The DJIA is really looking bad with all the trouble going on in its financial sector, it broke the important psychological support of 11,000 and even pierced right through the 10,800 support level to close at 10609. Based on the same projection technique, the downside target of DJIA will be at the level of 10180 and 9740.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to the beginning

Took a break from writing to observe the market. Situations have not change very much. Since my last posting, KLCI has not moved anywhere, it was trapped between the recent low of 1064 and the high of 1100.50 registered on 29 Aug '08 on budget announcement. It losses steam very fast, as mentioned before that was just a technical rebound. Foreign fund continue to sell down on blue chip shares has dragged down the KLCI, we are just at the edge of retesting the 1064 low, if this is breached, which is likely to happen, will see another round of selling that would bring the CI down to 1048 level. The government is trying hard to prevent Anwar's 916 plan from happening, but would that stopped the CI from sliding down? The fear factor is dominating the market, many are just selling to stand sideline. Volume has remained very-very low in the 300 million shares region, showing a lack of interest from the retailers, however, the smart-money or the big-boys are happily collecting from the fearful sellers.

The charts of all other major bourses show that the market has come back to where it begun. The chart of DJIA and S&P500 of the U.S market shows that they are in a sideway market, one day up and one day down. For the time being the DJIA support at the 11,000 is crucial, and the ultimate support will be 10,698. If the is breach, the whole world will have another knee-jerk, and DJIA will go back to where it begun, the is the 10,000 level.